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fter the creation of Pakistan the Anglo Arabic old boys association was recognized in Pakistan. This association established Anglo Arabic public secondary school in satellite town Rawalpindi in 1967.

Students of Anglo Arabic public secondary school Rawalpindi were invited to join the old boys association in 2006 & now majority of members are form the younger generation of this very institution. The Anglo Arabic public secondary school founded in 1967 has now grown into three branches:

    • Anglo Arabic Higher Secondary School Rawalpindi, 1967,
    • Anglo Arabic Girls Higher Secondary School, Established in 1999
    • Anglo Montessori & Junior School, Established in 2010

History of the institute can be traced back to 1790 when an oriental college was established in Delhi at old Madrasa Ghaziuddin. This was later renamed as Anglo Arabic College in 1825. The Anglo Arabic College Delhi played an active role in the Pakistan Movement & all meeting of Muslim League Working Committee used to take place at this college the old student of Anglo Arabic College formed as Association and Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan was its first General Secretary.

Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

“Our Vision is to give Quality Education at an affordable cost by providing a supportive Learning Environment, a Culture of Merit and Mutual Respect through Personal Integrity, Commitment, and Ethical Behavior.”

“Our mission is to develop young generation with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and Compassion for other, and the courage to act on their Beliefs. We stress the total development of each child; Spiritual, moral, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Physical.”

Respect, Support, Integrity

Industrious, Innovative, Inspiring

  • Message from Principal


    earning is best carried out in an enabling environment and school education is vital for personality development of any individual. Attitudes, habits and memories taken from school travel with us all along our life, our philosophy therefore is that school education should not be confined to class room alone, based on that our learning strategy is multi-pronged.

    We have therefore, strived to provided our students with every possible learning opportunity both inside and outside the class room by providing the state of the art infrastructure, carefully hired faculty, library with a large collection catering to students of all age group, an impounding sports complex having a seating pavilion of about 2000 spectators featuring football, hockey, basketball, badminton court and a full length cricket net, a picturesque grassy lawn tennis court, science and computers labs, auditorium and play land. Throughout the year we hold a series of carefully orchestrated events syncing student energies into positive and student take active part in speeches, quizzes, science exhibitions, and talent shows, inter school games and celebrate National days with full vigor & enthusiasm.

    Our academic agenda is set into motion even before the academic year starts and every student is given complete year plan at the beginning of the year, a parents receives a syllabus break down in which daily learning activities & outcomes for every single day of the coming year are known to the parent at the starts of the term, you would even find a parent section on our website. This enables us to measure the teacher’s performance against predetermined goals. We also engage the parents and keep them involved in our pupil learning.

  • Message from General Secretary


    ducation determines the direction of any nation and defines its character, combined with hard work & commitment, it makes miracles to happen.

    Anglo Arabic takes its root in the three centuries old Educational movement which produced great Muslim Minds like Liaqat Ali Khan, Deputy Nazeer Ahmed & Zakir Ali (Ex-President of India) and we are striving to be the true legacy of this century’s old tradition of learning. Serving the citizens of Rawalpindi City since 1967 the seedling planted by old Boys of Anglo Arabic College Delhi has now grown into a multi branch oak providing sanctuary to hundreds of education seekers.

    Our mission is to impart education par excellence and produce students with a balanced approach to life, individuals who have a compassion for others, a passion to serve the society and a scientific way of understanding the world around them free from all pride & prejudices. Here our aim is to provide top quality education at nominal cost so that the masses of this county can get that education opportunity which is only available to a select few. I can proudly claim that even the most expensive school seldom matches the facilities which we offer. Our student Diaspora is spread all across the world and our alumina is working in leadership capacities in various esteemed institutions.

  • Message from President


    firmly believe that the young generations is the back bone of any nation. They can be considered as Building Block, which shape the nation. Intellectual and intelligence always guide the nation with the help of education. At the same time it constantly upgrades all capabilities and potentialities.

    Education works slowly and diligently towards achieving the criterion targets and goals. Education doesn’t mean reading books and passing examination. But it has sacred purpose providing the opportunities to realize the responsibilities by honing the basic skills, equipped with required & relevant knowledge. Science, Information Technology, Social Justice, Professional integrity, humanitarian dignity is the essential elements for the educated people, particularly for leaders.

    Commitment and devotion toward the goals, loyalty to county and obedience to religion are basic elements which are required to ingrain into young generation. We live in a digital world today where everyone needs to understand the language of science and the younger generation of a developing country like Pakistan needs to put in tremendous effort & struggle to attain knowledge. Anglo Arabic educational institutions are the forerunner in this crusade for knowledge as we believe and are not only imparting education but also granting the education opportunities to the under privileged through our educational inclusion program. The management and staff of these institutions are committed to provide the quality education at affordable cost in best possible way.

  • Message from Finance Secretary

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    • Anglo Arabic Financial Statements

      Please find below our audited financial reports.

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      01 Financial Audited Report for the year 2012-13 Financial Audited Report – 2012-13
    • History


      elhi’s 300-year old Muslim institution.

      As an institution of learning, Anglo Arabic School has survived over three centuries.

      Opened by Ghaziuddin Khan, an influential courtier and brave general of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, the seminary has been serving the cause of education under the labels of Madrasa Ghaziuddin Khan, Anglo Arabic School, Anglo Arabic College, Delhi College and Zakir Hussain College for centuries.

      This school imparts education to the children of the walled city of Delhi. “As an institution of learning, Anglo Arabic School has been a mute witness to the chequered history of the city including the two famous wars of independence of 1758 and 1857. The building remained unscathed and the imposing Kota sandstone structure successfully evolved into a centre of secular as well as theological learning,” remarks a nostalgic Pankaj Vohra, an old boy of the institution and the associate editor of Hindustan Times.

      Until 1827, this Madrasa was a religious seminary but after the interference of the East India Company, it was Sir Charles Metcalfe who also started the education of English, Mathematics and natural sciences. As an institution of learning, Anglo Arabic School has survived over three centuries. The most important literary activity in the history of the school was the formation of the Vernacular Translation Society in 1832. As Urdu was the medium of instruction, the students could not avail of the variety found in English, German, French, Algebra, social and natural sciences etc. These were translated in Urdu. it has generations of students who have made their mark as leaders in various walks of life.

      Age has not been able to wither the alma mater of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the eminent educationist and the founder of Aligarh Muslim University.

      Liaqat Ali Khan, Pakistan’s first Prime Minister,

      Maulana Mohammed Hussain Azad, the father of Urdu prose,

      Deputy Nazir Ahmed, the Urdu essayist and ICS, Akhtarul-Iman, agreat poet,, Mirza M N Masood, an Indian hockey Olympian and many more, i.e., Delhi’s 300-year old Anglo Arabic School/Delhi College (Zakir Hussain College) that began in 1969 as Madrasa Ghaziuddin Khan.

      The most important literary activity in the history of the school was the formation of the Vernacular Translation Society in 1832.

      As Urdu was the medium of instruction, the students could not avail of the variety found in English, German, French, Algebra, social and natural sciences etc. These were translated in Urdu. Some of the scholars on job included literary luminaries of the time like Master Pyarey Lal, Imam Baksh Suhbai, Lala Dharam Narain and brother Prem Narain, Maulana Zakaullah, Mr Taylor, Mr Butros etc.

      During the 1830s and 40s, the College had really been at the pinnacle of its pristine glory and was considered to be the centre of Asian “renaissance” as not only the Indians but even some of the English too were its students according to its present Principal and Physics teacher Mr Abdul Malik.

      During the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, it remained closed for 7 years and reopened only in 1867. At that time the English christened it as “Anglo Arabic College” that later turned into “Delhi College”. The school suffered during the Sepoy Mutiny when the science laboratories and the library were burnt and along with that umpteen priceless manuscripts turned to ashes. But that did not mar the pristine glory of the institution.


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